Cindy McDonald

Rocky Mountain retribution!
While on a camping trip in the Colorado Rockies, First Force operative, Casey Rhodes, and Hawke International operative, Peyton Mattock were having the time of their lives. Separated by an ocean, the two operatives rarely saw or heard from each other, but on this short vacation the sparks ignite the flames of passion that they believed to be real, but now cannot deny. Peyton insists that on this lover’s holiday they leave all weaponry behind—after all, what would they need them for? Casey reluctantly agrees, and it seems like a wonderful idea—until suddenly Peyton goes missing.
Trapped in the middle of every-lovin’ nowhere, unarmed and alone, Casey must find the man she yearns for and fight with primitive weapons, alongside an unlikely ally to gain his freedom from those who want him dead!

   *Note: Some adult content



Into the Dawn

"Another great great book in a great series!" ~Sara Strand/Stranded in Chaos Blog

"Kudos to McDonald!  I love how she is handling and developing this series! Really enjoyed this one and recommend it highly! " ~ Glenda Bixler Reviews

"This is a solid series!" ~ Fran Lewis/  Just Reviews, MJ Magazine

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